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Curt Anderson

Curt Anderson has been making music since he could first reach the piano keys. Fast forward a couple decades and his songs can be heard on the radio on every continent, and also heard daily on in-store radio at over 32,000 locations.

His debut singles “Keep it Beating” and “Every Moment” quickly gained attention on radio around the world, reaching the Top 5 on Christian radio charts in multiple countries, and going on to spend nearly forty weeks in the Top 30 becoming two of the most played songs on international Christian radio for 2016.

Whether he’s playing to a crowd of thousands, hundreds, or less than a dozen, what matters most to Curt is the impact he can have with an audience. He strives to make a personal connection with every crowd. “I’m passionate about music, but I’m more passionate about people. What I do on stage means very little if I don’t invest my time off-stage hanging out and talking with people.” That connection continues long after the show, through social media. “It’s not simply about amassing followers; it’s about building community with those people; showing them they matter.”

Max Ramsey, Senior Pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church in Wisconsin, said it best: “Curt lives this faith and lives it in front of impressionable people who are starving for a faith worthy of believing in. He humbly points to Christ and not himself. He is authentic and transparent. And he really, truly cares about people.”

Coming from a small Michigan town, it’s that humbleness and down-to-earth mentality that remains the core of Nashville, Tennessee-based Curt Anderson’s music.

We are delighted to have Curt share his music with us at Alive in the Park on Easter Saturday!