April 8th - 12th


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First: Please do all you can to NOT be a transmitter of this terrible virus.  It has been said: “Don’t go anywhere, don’t touch anyone, don’t touch anything, don’t touch your face and wash your hands frequently.”

Next: be aware – everyone is doing it tough.  Stress manifests in many ways.  It’s ok to feel a lot of emotions.  It’s not ok to hurt anyone because we are hurting.  This is a good time to process emotions in prayer.  Journalling helps.  There IS someone to talk to, even if it seems there’s not.  Reach out further, more frequently.  If you can, be a listening ear for others.  Ask questions.  Validate emotions. Empathise where you can.  Admit it when you can’t…”I can’t imagine what that must feel like…”

Third: people are going to need practical help.  In fact we all will.  If we make this a season of extraordinary unselfishness and generosity we will all be better off.  That’s going to be inconvenient at times.  More listening… more sharing… more helping… more giving…

Let’s do this Launceston!  Let’s not let this virus beat us!  Especially as Easter comes and goes, let’s remember the One who modelled unselfishness, healed, rose the dead, loved the outcast, fed the crowds, washed feet, then gave his very life for us.

Let’s come Alive with care!