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Karl Faase

Karl Faase is a well known Australian Christian communicator, media presenter, leader and social commentator. He is the CEO of Olive Tree Media, the organisation through which he produces programs of excellence for Christian media and local church use internationally. Karl is in demand across Australia as a speaker, with a special interest in encouragement & motivation, leadership, ministry development and communicating to those exploring faith. He is passionate about reclaiming the Christian Gospel as word as well as deed.

With over 20 years of involvement in media, Karl is one of Australia’s most experienced Christian radio and television presenters, with his programs broadcast and distributed in the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany and New Zealand. In 2013, Karl & Olive Tree media, released the award winning series, Towards Belief, a 10-part documentary-style DVD/TV series where Karl interviews over 30 international speakers and academics on the belief blockers to faith in western countries.

In 2016 Olive Tree Media will be releasing their new series, Jesus the Game Changer, which Karl hosts. This series looks at how Jesus’ life and teaching changed the world and why it matters. The series has the same high production value as Towards Belief and was filmed in USA, UK, Singapore, India and Australia. It will be released in the second half of 2016 across the globe.

Karl’s contemporary and thought-provoking one minute radio spots are called The Daily Nudge, broadcast around Australia and across the world. The Daily Nudge is one of Australia’s best-known and most widely used spots on Christian radio.

Karl is also regularly called upon as a Christian spokesman and commentator on a variety of social issues.