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Nicola McDermott

Sporting Bio:

Started at Little Athletics when I was 7 years old and started training
for high jump when I was 9 years old with a local high jump coach. My
international sporting bio is:
2013 Australian Youth Olympic Festival Champion
2014 World Junior (U20) Championships Representative
2015 World University Games Representative
2017 World University Games Representative
2017 World Championships Representative
2018 Commonwealth Games Bronze Medallist
2018 IAAF Continental Cup Representative

Christian Bio:

I grew up in a Catholic family, going to church regularly. The first time
I came into full realisation of the gospel and the reality of God was when
I was entering my Christian school in Year 6. Always having been bullied
and singled out for my height, I was concerned at what would happen with
me starting a new school in my last year of primary school. Yet when I
walked in I was immediately met with this overwhelming, non-judging love
from each of the students and teachers, it was a love that left me
questioning/envious of how people showed that sort of love. They all said
they love because Jesus loved them, it was simple, yet changed my entire

I gave my life to Jesus back then and got involved in different
youth groups/camps throughout my schooling. There were regular bible
studies, chapels and opportunities within my school to grow faith. On
Friday nights I would attend youth groups from all different denominations
with my fiends, and amongst all I had seen what was to offer I found
myself at a Pentecostal one where I finally felt at home. So when I left
school I was prompted by the Spirit to also leave the Catholic church
where I was on the worship team for 6 years and join my local church at
Hope Church Central Coast.

I got connected in to the Young Adults programs, a volunteer in sharing the
gospel to local schools and became a regular in the church. In leaving school
I joined the Evangelical Union at Sydney University, where I got trained in
leading Bible Studies and openly sharing my sport/faith journey to large groups
of people. In 2017 I began a Christian athlete ministry called Everlasting Crowns
with a coupleof friends who were also international athletes and wanted to serve God
through sport. This ministry saw athletes connecting to local sports
chaplains, so wherever in the world they would be competing they could
have access to Skype bible studies, encouragement, another chaplain and a
local church – so that travelling for sport wouldn¹t be a barrier in
growing faith. This ministry organised meetings at the highest
international sporting competitions and created incredible fellowship
within a high pressure environment.

Through my sporting chaplain I was given the opportunity to work closely to
the Bible Society Australia in writing daily devotionals, attend Hillsong
conferences internationally and speak at national Chaplaincy events.
In 2018 I was able to share testimonies and sermons throughout churches
in my community, from an opening of my sporting success. In being involved
in outreach movements with young people across Australia I also became an
ambassador for Youth for Christ Australia, with a mandate to set young people
free by the power of the gospel and to see unity of the churches in my home of the Central