April 8th - 12th


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Wednesday April 8th

Schools Vision Workshops

What does it take to make a vision become reality? Various Christian guest speakers will share their inspiring stories with high school students across Launceston encouraging the next generation to become courageous and capable visionaries.

9am – 3pm

Communities Leaders / Decision Makers Workshop

Leading the leaders : A celebration for civic community leaders with delicatessen finger food, and an outstanding talk delivered by our keynote speaker providing a visionary Christian witness and networking opportunity leading to lasting, stronger connections.

5pm – 7pm 

Women’s Dessert Night

This event captures the unique audience of women strengthening, inspiring and encouraging female leaders of all ages. Our theme Crystal Clear Vision 2020 calls us to invite an inspirational, female Christian visionary who will share her vision and how this has become reality

7:30pm – 9pm