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Easter Festival Postponed

The Launceston Alive Steering Committee has POSTPONED, NOT CANCELLED, the 2020 Easter Festival in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before large gatherings became illegal we made this decision to uphold the moral obligation to reduce and delay COVID-19 transmission.

We now look  toward Springtime for the postponed festival. While we will continue with our theme 2020 Crystal Clear Vision we have chosen a new name for this Springtime event, namely SPRING TO LIFE. Of course, we will be safety-checking our new plan as the time approaches. 

So the Easter festival is postponed.  There won’t be the usual Easter opportunities to gather to celebrate.  But God’s incomparable love hasn’t changed.  It is as relevant today as ever.  God demonstrated his love for us by Jesus’ death on a cross.  He showed his power over death by Jesus coming alive from death. 

He promised us eternal life, not by earning or deserving it, but as a free gift offered to all.  Now is a great time to accept his loving gift if you haven’t already – or to thank Him again for such amazing grace.   

May God bless and protect all residents and visitors to NE Tasmania this autumn and winter.

We look forward to being together in Spring.

With care from all at Launceston Alive.



This beautiful diverse city is nestled at the apex of a spectacular and productive valley, where North and South Esk rivers unite to form the Tamar. Surrounded by prime agricultural land and not far from spectacular mountains and picturesque beaches, it is not easy to find a place on Earth which compares. 

Historically and culturally rich, Launceston has developed into a thriving cosmopolitan kaleidoscope of opportunity – a place from which many prominent Australians have innovatively and compassionately served our nation and world. 

Launceston Alive has crystalised some of the DNA which makes our city and region so special – cohesive cooperation – relevant engagement – commemoration & celebration – the central place of Easter in all aspects of modern life – and the transformation which comes when truth and hope are held high. 

Welcome to our website and to the unique aliveness that is growing among us.

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