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2021: Beyond Repair? Is the Church a Blessing?

Good News!   Star Theatre has tickets on sale for the film Beyond Repair? Is the Church a Blessing? 

The next two screenings are Wednesday November 10th and 17th. 

Tickets are $15 per adult and $10 concession.  Star Theatre and coffee shop opens Wednesday 6.30 for 7pm screening.   Beyond Repair? is 48 minutes.  A trailer can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLMJfgxLddE

This colourful portrait of brokenness and repair assembles a kaleidoscope of narratives of lost youth, drug addiction, refuge from war, disability and those searching for a brighter path through imperfection.  Produced by David Strong, Director of Photography Andrew Walton, Concept Design Stephanie Sebastian, Oliver Mensah, Bronwyn Salter and Chris Morrison, Beyond Repair? explores the present and the future of the Christian church.  Having impacted world history in extraordinary ways for two millennia, is the church Good News today?  After surviving waves of persecution and unprecedented change, what potential has the church to influence national and international culture, politics, economics and health? 

Set right here in our beautiful city of Launceston, Tasmania, Beyond Repair? takes a deep and bold look at human brokenness – that of the church itself and those in and out of it.  By taking a selection from nearly a hundred interviews with a diverse range of people across ages, races, nationalities and backgrounds, and by crystalising the narratives of leaders, members, those who have left and those who have joined, examining how lives have been impacted by the church’s worst and best aspects, this challenging and beautiful kaleidoscope looks at whether the church and those it serves are beyond repair, or whether there is a strong reason for real hope and a way to find it… 

While this is a massive milestone, it’s not the completion.  We plan to soon commence the compilation of all the other interviews into several other shorter films which will have specific themes for blokes, for women, for young people, for those seeking healing etc..   

We look forward to being together at Star Cinema on the forthcoming Wednesday evenings. 



This beautiful diverse city is nestled at the apex of a spectacular and productive valley, where North and South Esk rivers unite to form the Tamar. Surrounded by prime agricultural land and not far from spectacular mountains and picturesque beaches, it is not easy to find a place on Earth which compares. 

Historically and culturally rich, Launceston has developed into a thriving cosmopolitan kaleidoscope of opportunity – a place from which many prominent Australians have innovatively and compassionately served our nation and world. 

Launceston Alive has crystalised some of the DNA which makes our city and region so special – cohesive cooperation – relevant engagement – commemoration & celebration – the central place of Easter in all aspects of modern life – and the transformation which comes when truth and hope are held high. 

Welcome to our website and to the unique aliveness that is growing among us.

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