April 8th - 12th


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2014 Emerge

The first Easter Festival begain in 2014. It was a remarkable adventure and privilege to see the festival emerge from just an idea to a prayer, then a vision, then a plan and finally to the vibrant colourful reality of the 2014 inaugural Launceston Easter Community Festival in City Park and the Albert Hall for Easter 2014. With the theme “Emerge” it was truly an emerging process, as people one by one caught the vision, saw the potential and took up opportunities to express their abilities and giftings in a magnificent array of creative ways, creating anextraordinarily diverse and harmonious smorgasbord of creative arts, music, dance, culture.

The cohesion we witnessed in the process of Emerge was profoundly heartwarming. From backgrounds as diverse as could be imagined, all sorts of differences melted into a fusion of friendship and harmony, as Northern Tasmanians congregated in unfolding unity in prayer, learning, and appreciating each others’ abilities and skills. As a spectacular butterfly emerges from its unglamorous infancy then long and unexciting metamorphosis, so for us Easter 2014 provided a special opportunity to put the past behind us and break the confining, stifling cocoon to emerge into a healthier, kinder, more generous, caring, sustainable and cohesive future.