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Symbolism of

the logo

The Launceston Alive Logo has deliberate rich symbolism.

Launceston’s clock tower is our symbol of reliable, trustworthy stewardship and joyful proclamation of truth. The post office on which the tower is built was erected in 1889. The Launceston Clock and Chimes Committee started raising money for the clock tower in 1906. Constructions were completed and handed to the city on July 11th 1910. Since then, (nearly 110 years) the clock has reliably kept time and every 15 minutes the clock tower chimes, ringing out the truth of time to all within hearing distance, day and night; rain, hail or shine.   

Launceston’s dramatic Cataract Gorge and Esk & Tamar river systems feature numerous spectacular bridges.  They form an iconic image of the cohesive, obstacle-overcoming spirit which characterises our city & region. 

In particular, the Batman Bridge is our symbol of pioneering, innovation and regional cooperation. The first cable-stayed truss bridge constructed in Australia and one of the first in the world, this bridge across the Tamar River was opened on the 18th of May 1968. By means of the 91m-high steam A-frame tower, the western bank (solid dolerite rock) carries 78% of the weight of the 206m long and over 10m-wide bridge span. The east bank (Whirlpool Ridge) is soft clay not capable of supporting a bridge. With a total length of 423m between abutments, the bridge reminds us that relationship-building and reconciliation are often a matter of one side taking the initiative and most of the weight to span differences and distance.

 Launceston Alive is thankful for the rich history of our region. Welcome to join us, as we seek to be faithful to the symbolism woven into our logo.